Gnosis Gandia


Gnosis Gandia

Samael Aun Weor

The contemporary gnosis deepened in various fields of human activity as science, art, philosophy, mysticism, psychology, anthropology, etc.

AGIA was registered as # 157 in the set of cultural associations of the city of Gandia in 1996 and now opens the doors of its new headquarters in the C / Jaume II (Gandia).

AGIA is a cultural non-profit organization formed by members who study and practice the teachings of the hermetic tradition.

Our partnership is part of a group of associations distributed throughout the world, whose headquarters are in Mexico City DF.



- To study the knowledge and classical gnostic philosophy.

- Make anthropological and archaeological research to scientifically known archetypal prototypes that are common in the culture of every ethnic group.

- Hold regular presentations, conferences, congresses, meetings, meetings, retreats and national and international councils, in order to disseminate its research findings.

- Have knowledge exchange with other institutions, philosophical, scientific and cultural.

- Through the gnostic teachings, crave the awakening of consciousness and the deployment of the higher faculties of the human being without distinction of sex, culture, religion or race.

"Who we are? Where we come from? Where are we going?" What are we living? Why do we live? Unquestionably, the wretched "intellectual animal" called man, not only do not know, but it also does not even know who does not know ... "

"Tragic is the life of one who does not know the reason for their existence ..."

Samael Aun Weor


We invite you, dear reader, to enter the "Sancta Sanctorum" of the temple of pure science, where you will meet the principles that they preached the lone jinas central asia, Iohan, ascetics egyptians, pythagoreans, ancient medieval rosicrucians, masons primitive, early christians , etc.

This is the secret doctrine of the Knights Templar and their quest for the Holy Grail, the Pencil Electrix (Magnes) explained dialectically; initiatory wisdom of those who gave birth to modern civilization, preserving the old ways of the true traditions of heliocentric or solar consciousness.



Gnosis Gandia

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